Trailblazer background

The Trailblazer Programme started in 2018 in Yorkshire and the Humber and was closely modelled on the Deep End pioneer scheme in Scotland. In 2020, after two amazingly evaluated cohorts, we were delighted to expand the GP fellowship programme to other parts of England, with opportunities in Y&H, East and West Midlands, the South West and the North East.

The Trailblazer programme includes:

1) Innovative Trailblazer Training Posts for more than 30 GP Specialty Trainees in Yorkshire and Humber (commenced August 2020) – click here for more information

2) Trailblazer GP Fellowships in Yorkshire and Humber for recently qualified General Practitioners – (Cohort 3 started October 2020) click here for more information

3) A national once monthly Trailblazer GP Educational programme (October 2020 start) supporting other areas of the country in running their own Trailblazer GP fellowships for recently qualified General Practitioners. Click here for more information

The schemes allow motivated trainees and recently qualified GPs to work in practices in areas of socio-economic deprivation. The aim is to develop the skills, knowledge, experience and resilience to stay working in these challenging, but incredibly rewarding, environments and to help practices in under-doctored areas to recruit and retain GPs. 

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