GP Educators

This page hosts resources of use to those planning and delivering training to GPs and GP trainees. An ‘off the shelf’ workshop is presented along with a case study that can be used in teaching sessions.

Health equity workshop

These are the slides we have used at health equity workshops for GPs and GP specialist trainees at workshops across the North of England from 2017 to 2019. In order to get to grips with the background material, it is suggested that you complete our learning modules, attend one of our workshops for GP educators and/or read the supporting materials and sources listed in the slides.


The workshop slides and discussion have typically been delivered over the course of an afternoon, taking around 2.5 to 3 hours with a break. The workshop can be lengthened by adding the case study discussion below (30 to 45 minutes).


The workshops have been very well evaluated to date. We would love to hear from you with any feedback you have received and any areas where additional materials or clarification is needed.

Case Study


The case study has been written about a patient registered with one of our educator’s practices with the name and some key details changed to protect patient confidentiality. The guidelines summarised within the case study were current at the time of writing but are subject to change. A set of slides are available with the printed case study to facilitate delivery. The approach is based on a pilot workshop described in the Education for Primary Care journal.


Allow 45 minutes for the case study. First, organise the participants into small groups (5-8 per group). Second, introduce the case study and ask the groups to formulate a management plan considering the questions and issues on slide 2. Third, ask the participants to discuss the case for around 20 minutes. Fourth, collate the thoughts of the groups on the challenges for the patient and the doctor (see slide 3) and ask for their responses to the questions raised on slide 2. Finally, ask the participants to come up with five pointers that are transferable across cases of complex multimorbidity. You can compare their answers with the answers from the published workshop pilot (see slide 5).