Hosting Post CCT Trailblazer Fellowships

Please note applications to host a Trailblazer GP in Yorkshire and Humber for 2020/21 have now closed.

For details of other practices that are hosting Trailblazer GPs starting in Autumn 2020 please contact or

Trailblazer post-CCT fellowship Briefing 2020/21

At present, this programme is only available across practices across the Health Education England Yorkshire and Humber region.

This programme has been inspired by similar schemes elsewhere (i.e. the Glasgow Deep End Pioneer Scheme) and we are aware that other regions are considering establishing their own programmes.

Yorkshire and Humber Trailblazer post-CCT fellowships must be hosted by a practice whose IMD 2019 score is above 41 (practices with the most deprived 10% of practice populations nationally) or where the focus of the fellowship is on the care of vulnerable / marginalised groups and/or a specific focus on tackling health inequalities.

The fellowship scheme is supported by a programme of learning, coaching and professional development delivered by the Fair Health team. Details of the current and previous years schemes can be found on

The Trailblazer GP’s week will consist of:

  • Up to 8 sessions of clinical general practice (like any other salaried GP)
  • 2 sessions per week of personal and practice development time

The Trailblazer GP fellow benefits from fully funded:

  • Monthly programme of relevant education covering topics such as multi-morbidity, substance misuse, care of homeless patients, social prescribing, care of new migrants, chronic pain (See Y+H example month)
  • Monthly facilitated peer-group sessions with fellow Trailblazer GPs for discussion and reflection
  • One-to-one coaching sessions
  • Time to spend with other relevant health and third sector organisations e.g.
  • homelessness or drug and alcohol services

The practice benefits from:

  • Two sessions per week of GP backfill funding to support release for development time
  • An attractive offer to potential applicants
  • Being more likely to fill a vacancy
  • The opportunity to build a relationship with a potential long-term GP
  • Reduced locum costs
  • Possible practice development work from the trailblazer GP

Frequently asked questions

Who advertises? Who employs? The practice will advertise, interview and employ the GPs and fairhealth and HEE will have no employment relationship with the fellow (the same as all post-CCT fellowships)

How long should the contract be? The contract should be for a minimum of 1 year. Longer can be offered, but funding to support the 2 sessions personal development will be payable only for one year

Indemnity? This should be arranged by the host practice as for any other GP position

Are there restrictions on the timetable/days of work? The post will be for 4-8 clinical sessions (plus 2 developmental) to be negotiated between the practice and the GP. The Trailblazer GP will need to be released for regular education sessions and these will be on a fixed day to be determined (currently a Friday each week)

What about the educational money? This will sit with HEE and is used to fund the educational programme.

Further information is available on the Fair Health website: or by contacting Dr Tom Ratcliffe (GP Tutor at HEE) on

Applications to host a fellowship starting in 2020 have now closed.

We would love for the trailblazer scheme to expand to all areas of the country – if you are interested in achieving this, or for more details, please do get in touch