National Trailblazer GP Educational Programme 2020/21

For the first time we are now bringing together GP Trailblazers from across the country. Starting in 2020 we are running a once monthly national educational programme for the Post CCT GP Trailblazer Scheme. The sessions are being run virtually online and aim to be on the last Friday of each month (please note there is some variation to this if the last Friday is a bank holiday).

The plans for the first few months of the programme are available below. Please keep an eye on times and specific details of the sessions as these may be updated closer to the time.

Our first national session was held on 30th October 2020. See below the links to the talk and discussion with our two fantastic speakers if you would like to watch these back.

Sir Michael Marmot’s Session

Dr Farzana Hussain’s Session

Your local programme

The rest of your education time will be arranged by a local team for personal and professional development


If you are on a post CCT GP trailblazer programme nationally and would like information about accessing this educational programme or have any questions about the sessions please contact