Fairhealth wins Training Journal Award!

We were delighted to win a Gold Award at the TJ Awards in December 2019 for ‘Best Diversity and Inclusion programme’.

Judges’ comment:

The team identified a very clear, simple approach of providing easy-to-access resources which can be accessed by time-pressured healthcare professionals, each of which contains all the key information they need to know.  The content of each guide was checked with representatives from the relevant community to ensure accuracy and avoid stereotypes and assumptions. 

The delivery mechanism was very impressive.

About us and our mission

Health inequalities are unequal outcomes between certain population groups, often due to social determinants of health, such as poverty or social exclusion.

Healthcare professionals, as an integral and persistent influence throughout patients’ lives, have a vital role to play in the reduction of health inequalities. How they are educated influences their behaviour and capabilities, and how they are distributed in the workforce impacts on patients’ outcomes.

Fairhealth is a not for profit collective of people who share a passion for health equity. It exists to improve health outcomes for those who are disadvantaged, marginalised and/or excluded. Our work includes education, advocacy and workforce solutions.

  • We value fairness, equity, kindness and compassion
  • We believe that avoidable differences in health are unfair and should be addressed
  • Through all our work – including our educational activities, awareness raising, advocacy and workforce initiatives – we will strive always to reduce such inequities
  • We will strive to actively confront individual, collective, institutional and structural discrimination and prejudice that worsen health inequalities, including racism
  • We believe that healthcare professionals and other agencies can make a difference to people’s health, support their wellbeing and mitigate disadvantage
  • We care for and value each other as much as we do the people we aim to help
  • Where present, we acknowledge our privilege and promise to use this where possible only to further our aims
  • Our operations are efficient and lean, recognising the value of any investment in us